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Demystifying Terms Related to Gender and Identity

To accurately advocate for race, gender and identity issues, it’s important to understand some seemingly complex terms that are used in specific contexts inside and outside academia. Whether you end up using these terms yourself or just need clarification as to their meaning, having these words in your knowledge bank can help you effectively communicate […]

How to Avoid “Mattsplaining” in Business

Coquí Content Marketing is pleased to announce the addition of columnist Shannon Luders-Manuel to the team. Shannon is a critical mixed race scholar living in Los Angeles. Her work has been published in both academic journals and most recently when she wrote What it Means to Be Mixed Race During the Fight for Black Lives Matter. […]

Think Before You Share

Are you guilty of this? I know I am. I see a meme like this one, and because it resonates with my political views, next thing I know I’m liking, commenting and sharing it on my own Facebook wall—without verifying that in fact President Barack Obama said it or not. Although I know Snopes is […]

Why Gay Marriage Does Not Open the Door to Polygamy

The Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell vs. Hodges dictates that states cannot prevent same-sex couples from marrying and requires them to recognize such unions, but it’s been met with some expected criticism. The argument can be simply summarized by Justice Alito’s comment, “well then why not marry four gay men together? Why just two?” In […]

What Are Disney Films Teaching Our Sons and Daughters About Women?

I originally wrote this on February 18, 2014 because I was deeply concerned about the message Disney’s films are sending our sons and daughters about women. Little has changed from then until now. Reactions to this blog were interesting. Some felt I was being too hard on women. Really? I am guessing they missed the […]

When Murky Concepts Collide: Corporate Personhood, Religious Freedom and God’s Vendetta Against Contraception

Would you believe it if someone told you God objects to birth control?

Apparently it’s true, because those who speak to Him often have assured us that he does in fact condemn any and all types of family planning. So strong is his opposition that he has ordered his messengers here on earth to do whatever […]

Why Coquí Content Marketing Is Different From Other Writing Teams

In February after I spent nearly five years operating my content marketing agency almost exclusively on Elance.com, they announced their intentions to shut down the Elance platform and move all freelancers and clients over to oDesk, which they’d merged with fourteen months earlier.

Although this news came as no surprise to me (I’ve been through corporate […]

Morals & Ethics in Marketing an Addiction Treatment Center

You may not believe that ethics and morals are lacking in the business world, but the general public does. And if you are running a for-profit addiction treatment center, that idea is a problem for you especially. You aren’t immune to the force of this impression simply because you’re performing an honorable service, trying to […]

6 Things Intersex People Wish You Knew

You may or may not be familiar with the term ‘intersex.’ But even if you are, your knowledge of the condition may be rudimentary to the point of non-existent. Even with enormous energy being invested to combat prejudice against members of the LGBTQ community, intersex people remain hidden in the shadows, mis-portrayed and misunderstood when […]

Is Optimism or Blunt Honesty Better When Writing About Addiction Recovery?

Discussing addiction and mental health issues can mean treading on some difficult, emotionally-charged ground. What’s the best way to break through the stigma and get your message across to the right people?

Should you take a blunt approach? The loved one of somebody with a painkiller addiction might not want to face the possibility that he […]

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