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Morals & Ethics in Marketing an Addiction Treatment Center

You may not believe that ethics and morals are lacking in the business world, but the general public does. And if you are running a for-profit addiction treatment center, that idea is a problem for you especially. You aren’t immune to the force of this impression simply because you’re performing an honorable service, trying to […]

Is Optimism or Blunt Honesty Better When Writing About Addiction Recovery?

Discussing addiction and mental health issues can mean treading on some difficult, emotionally-charged ground. What’s the best way to break through the stigma and get your message across to the right people?

Should you take a blunt approach? The loved one of somebody with a painkiller addiction might not want to face the possibility that he […]

How to Diversify the Appeal of Your Rehab Marketing Campaign

Segmenting in marketing is an important strategy. If you don’t target specific groups of people, you risk not reaching anyone by sending out a message that is too broad. However, marketing to people dealing with addiction is a little different. Addicts and the people who care about them have many things in common despite demographic […]

Addiction Recovery Marketing: Should You Appeal to Addicts or Their Families?

By Lee Johnson

When tackling the noble cause of addiction recovery marketing, it’s essential to know who you’re talking to and, ultimately, who you’re trying to win over. Should your efforts be directed at the individual having problems, or are you really communicating with his or her family and loved ones? It may come as a surprise […]

5 Things You Really Need to Know Before You Create a Blog for Your Business

Everyone has a blog. It seems like a requirement for every company’s website to have a blog with industry information, company updates, personal thoughts and whatever else seems to offer a chance to stuff keywords and get […]

How to Write Authoritative Content Without Sacrificing Your Personality

There’s a delicate balancing act between authority and personality in writing. On the one hand, you don’t want seem like a Google-taught, self-appointed know-it-all with no real expertise, but on the other hand, you don’t want to come across like a fact-spouting robot, dryly hammering out data as if you’re writing a scientific paper. So […]

7 Ways a Freelance Team Could Benefit Your Business Today

Freelancing has exploded throughout the business world over the last decade, but if you’re used to the traditional model of work it may be hard to make that transition to hiring contractors. The idea is a little scary if you have never worked with freelancers before. Where do you find them? How do you know […]

How to Use Psychology to Create Stellar Content

Writing to persuade readers to do something, buy something or click on something is all about psychology. To be a good persuasive writer, you don’t have to have to have a degree in psychology (although it doesn’t hurt). By learning just a few basic principles of psychology and persuasion, you can create content that is […]

Content Marketing and the Art of Storytelling


Content marketing relies on the inherent richness of the written and/or spoken word to transmit messages that are meaningful, memorable and compelling. Whereas Claude Rains possessed the power of invisibility, top-quality content marketing possesses the power of irresistibility, carrying the entranced reader, watcher or listener along for a ride that will change their lives for […]

Fill Your Sales Funnel and Drive Leads With Content

If you own a business, your website should do more than just give customers your basic information; it should be driving leads and converting them into sales. In the age of Googling, your website can be one of your most powerful sales tools, and it’s not just design and convincing copy that get you customers. […]

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