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Sarah’s Take on Things

Think Before You Share

Are you guilty of this? I know I am. I see a meme like this one, and because it resonates with my political views, next thing I know I’m liking, commenting and sharing it on my own Facebook wall—without verifying that in fact President Barack Obama said it or not. Although I know Snopes is […]

Why Coquí Content Marketing Is Different From Other Writing Teams

In February after I spent nearly five years operating my content marketing agency almost exclusively on Elance.com, they announced their intentions to shut down the Elance platform and move all freelancers and clients over to oDesk, which they’d merged with fourteen months earlier.

Although this news came as no surprise to me (I’ve been through corporate […]

How to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

One of my mother’s many pearls of wisdom was “A healthy body means a healthy mind.”

And this became all too apparent when I first began freelancing and working from home. Sure, there are some fantastic benefits to freelancing, but some of those upsides inevitably come with their own downsides too. Constant access to your kitchen? […]

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