Sarah Ratliff is the owner of Coquí Content Marketing, LLC, which she founded in March 2010. After spending over two decades in corporate America (in a variety of marketing, trade show management, project management and administrative roles), she and her husband left that world behind and started an organic farm.

Today Sarah feels fortunate to call herself a corporate America escapee turned eco-organic farmer, writer, activist, serial entrepreneur and published book author.

Along with 10-time published author, Bryony Sutherland, she is the co-author of the book Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide—an anthology of essays written by people in the global Multiracial Community. It is available in paperback and eBook.

In general, much of Sarah’s writing focuses on racial equality, feminism and geopolitics. Sarah and her husband own an eco-organic, self-sustaining farm in Puerto Rico, where they raise goats and fowl, and grow tropical fruit trees and bamboo.


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Deb Kingsbury has two roles with Coquí Content Marketing. She serves as the Managing Editor and the Social Media Manager. When she’s not planning out content for clients and ensuring all of us adhere to deadlines, she’s home with her husband and dogs, hiking in the Sierras or doing search and rescue.

Nathan Falde has been working as a freelance writer—and for Coquí Content Marketing—for the past seven years. During that time he has written hundreds of articles and blog posts and several eBooks on a broad variety of topics. You name it, and you can be sure he’s written about it at least once. Before launching his writing career, Nathan worked for his father’s heating and air conditioning repair business, and he also spent time in Colombia teaching English as a second language. A native of Wisconsin, Nathan studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated from American Public University in 2010. He now lives in the Chia, Colombia with his wife, son and two cats.


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Gideon Hoyle has been writing freelance for close to a decade. His true specialty is taking complex information and making it understandable to a general audience. In that context, he has written extensively in the mental health, addiction and general health fields. He has also written landing pages and content pages for all manner of service-oriented businesses, including HVAC companies, plumbers, custom glass companies, furniture restorers, custom window companies and swim and dance instruction companies. Gideon currently resides in the Houston area.



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Heather Rolland, a lifelong resident of New York State, divides her time between her handmade silver and gemstone jewelry business called haliagrace, her ghostwriting career, and her efforts to create a self sufficient homesteader lifestyle, after ending a 16 year professional career as a psychotherapist. A combination of home body and world traveler, she has spent time in India and Nicaragua, driven a pick-up truck across Canada, and traversed western Nepal in a Bedford bus. She is a registered yoga teacher, the president of a regional hiking club, and has self published 3 novels. Her short story, “Queen of the Catskills,” won first place in the Freeditorial international short story competition.



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Cynthia writes content that is at once creative, informative, thought provoking and engaging. She covers various niches including health and fitness, recreational and endurance sports, social advocacy, mental health and addiction. She has a passion for law and service field related topics, health and sports (including triathlon, marathon/half marathon and OCR) but is adept at writing on any subject matter.

In her active life Cynthia is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with training in fitness and exercise nutrition. A competitive athlete turned “Weekend Warrior,” having participated in sports and athletics for over 40 years.

Cynthia’s love of outdoor activities rivals her love of information and appetite to learn as much as possible about as much as possible. Pursuing all things interesting, Cynthia obtained formal creative writing training and a Social Science degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a Law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. She has worked in both law and social work policy and development amassing almost 30 years combined experience writing various professional documents, creating newsletters, blog post, articles and other web and print content.



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Valerie Dansereau is a content writer and copywriter with experience in topics ranging from self-help to health to business. With over 25 years banking experience, Valerie has the ability to write in a serious professional tone, but as a fun-loving grandmother and self-help junkie, she can also adopt a more light-hearted, conversational style. She specializes in writing about addiction recovery. Valerie has extensive training in the school of hard knocks.

Love & interests:

  • Tennis
  • Seagulls, seashells, sand and anything beach
  • Classic rock music


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Tricia is a graduate of Ferris State University with a graphic design degree in the College of Business. 7+ years of professional experience in marketing, advertising, branding and B2B sales. She’s worked with a range of clients from Samsung and EXOS to entrepreneurial start-ups and non-profits.



50th Anniversary #LovingDay anniversary announcement of the Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide sale on Amazon. Being Biracial is the anthology style book co-authored by Sarah Ratliff.

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Alva is a passionate, bilingual web content development professional with more than 7 years of experience. She holds a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Journalism from the University of Sacred Heart and is currently living in Puerto Rico. Certified in Adobe CS6, Web Design, SEO, E-Commerce, WordPress, Online Advertising, and Inbound Marketing, she’s a “Jackie of all Trades” when it comes to Digital Marketing. Her love for reading and coding can only be surpassed by her passion for writing poetry. And maybe coffee. And dogs. And chocolate.

Find her on Twitter here: @acardonac


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